Strategies for Building Muscles: Visual Impact

Visual Impact was founded by Rusty Moore and the program focuses on the perceptible benefits of defining muscles as well as increasing their size. It is based on a 6 month program for transforming your body into having that sexy lean muscular appearance.

Although, it’s probably best to point out from the start that this program is available for both men and women. Rusty Moore expresses his concern that the attitude in the gym has become predominantly size above all else. While he is careful not to alienate individuals who believe that by stating that there is nothing wrong with this line of thinking if that’s the goal.

This program is quick to point out, though, that if adding bulk is all you wish to achieve, you might be selling yourself short. There are two kinds of muscular growth inside Visual Impact Muscle Building which are – Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar. Sarcoplasmic meaning to increase the muscle cell fluid, and hence muscle size, and Myofibrillar which involves the growth of muscle fiber leading to increased strength

The program then goes on to discuss the 3 main phases that this program revolves around which are building lean muscle mass, firming up the muscle, and eventually focusing on building up muscle density. One of Rusty Moore’s main points in Visual Impact Muscle Building is to leave your ego out of the program.

This may sound odd regarding a program that is concerned with looking cut, but is more an idea that should be applied to attempting to keep up with others you see in the gym and elsewhere. The second half of the book is made up almost entirely of a total program that Rusty Moore lays out in great detail, but it is up to you to adapt it to your own needs.

In fact, there is an entire chapter based on combining various exercise principles – with the precise number of repetitions, sets for building muscle and strength as well as muscle definition. A little known fact is brought to light near this section, and that is our bodies have genetic limits on how much muscle mass we can build. Knowing this, you will find out what parts of the body to focus your energies in order to make a visual impact.

Rusty Moore also covers nutrition in his ebook, and provides an entire grocery list that should make the task of healthy shopping much less complicated. With the second eBook that comes with this package there’s more than 200 jam-packed pages full of photographs and descriptions emphasizing almost every workout/exercise known to man. These can easily provide a variety of different exercises for working each body part with the most results. A handy printable workout chart is also included that can be brought with you daily workouts for keeping on track of your exercises.


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